Jual gas meter RMG



Description : 

LF-Pulse transmitter (in the meter head)
  Standard      : reed contact
  Alternatively : inductive pulse transmitter
  Option        : up to 3 LF pulse transmitters possible

HF-pulse transmitter(Option)
• In the meter head: Inductive pulse transmitter (HF 1), pulse frequency at
  Qmax approx. 100 Hz.
• In the meter case: Inductive pulse transmitter for scanning
  - the blades of the turbine wheel (HF 3, from DN 80)
  - the cams of the reference wheel (HF 2, from DN 100)

All inductive pulse transmitters provide volume pulses incompliance with NAMUR.
Meter head (type “F”)
• Protection class IP 65
• Universally readable
• Totalizer unit and HF1 pulse transmitter are easily replaceable on site.

Measuring range: up to 1:16

Nominal size:
DN 50 through DN 600
Special designs with larger nominal sizes up to DN 1000 are possible.

Pressure rating: 
PN 10 through PN 100, ANSI 150 through ANSI 600
Special designs with a higher pressure rating are possible.

Operating temperature range:
Standard design: -10°C to +50°C Special designs for higher and/or lower temperatures
are possible.

Explosion protection
The pulse transmitters are intrinsically safe; their type of 
protection is EEx ib IIC T6. Therefore, the TRZ 03-K can
be operated in Zone 1. 

Long service life 

To connect the pressure transmitter of a PTZ corrector.

Manufacturer‘s test certificate
In compliance with EN 10204/2.3, for strength and leak



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