Diafragma Gas Meter Itron

Definisi Gas meter:

Alat untuk mengukur kuantitas atau laju aliran gas. Jenis meter gas (berdasarkan prinsip operasi) termasuk perpindahan, kecepatan, kepala, termal, akustik, dan pelacak. Contoh dari prinsip perpindahan adalah meteran gas bellow-dan-diafragma (ditunjukkan dalam diagram).

Jenis ini banyak digunakan dalam layanan gas komersial dan domestik untuk mengukur jumlah gas yang dikirim ke pengguna. Bellow meter gas mengukur jumlah gas yang melewatinya dengan mengisi dan mengosongkan, dalam urutan yang teratur, satu atau lebih ruang internal dengan kapasitas yang diketahui. Menghitung waktu setiap ruang diisi dan dikosongkan memberikan volume gas yang dikirim.



Diaphragm Meters – High Accuracy Commercial Meters

itron Diaphragm ACD G10-G16 meters combine accuracy and long life in a very compact casing. Through our proven know-how in gas measurement, combined with the use of modern engineering and production techniques, Itron has developed this smaller size, highly accurate meter, ensuring reduced shipping costs, and easier
handling and simplified installation. Our range of ACD G10-G16 meters are designed for commercial use for gas suppliers and gas utilities worldwide.

KEY benefits
» Ready for remote reading and data management
» Long-term accuracy and reliability
» Robust, maintenance-free meter
» Compact design
» MID approved
» High resistance to corrosion

The ACD diaphragm meters are used for applications requiring high precision and large rangeability at low pressure (below 1 bar gauge).
They are supplied in two versions – a compact and a standard version (single and two pipe). Due to the volumetric principle of the diaphragm meters, its metrology is not influenced by installation conditions. They are designed for use with natural gas, manufactured gas and other noncorrosive gases. The ACD diaphragm meters are approved for fiscal use.

Operating Principle
The movement of the diaphragm is caused by the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the meter. The reciprocal filling is controlled by means of two sliding valves. This oscillating movement is transformed into a rotational one and is mechanically transmitted to the totalizer through a magnetic coupling or a stuffing box

The ACD G10-G16 meters contain four main parts:

➊ A measuring unit with:
» Four measuring chambers.
» Two sliding valves.
» An outlet pipe.

➋ A steel casing fitted with one or two connections

➌ A magnetic coupling or stuffing box transmits the movement of the measuring
unit to the totalizer

➍ A totalizer is available in different versions depending on the application

This smart meter equipped with an electronic index is designed to facilitate integration into wired and wireless fixed networks and has built-in communications
capabilities which detects reversed operation, magnetic tampering and backflow.
» High accuracy error curve correction
» Optional temperature conversion
» Built-in 2-way wired/wireless M-Bus
» Safe data transmission with AES
» Tamper protection and detection


Itron gas meter diafragma
Itron gas meter diafragma

Gas Meter Aichi Tokei

ITRON Gas Meter 


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