Flow Meter Gas Sensus

Definisi Gas meter:

Alat untuk mengukur kuantitas atau laju aliran gas. Jenis meter gas (berdasarkan prinsip operasi) termasuk perpindahan, kecepatan, kepala, termal, akustik, dan pelacak. Contoh dari prinsip perpindahan adalah meteran gas bellow-dan-diafragma (ditunjukkan dalam diagram).

Jenis ini banyak digunakan dalam layanan gas komersial dan domestik untuk mengukur jumlah gas yang dikirim ke pengguna. Bellow meter gas mengukur jumlah gas yang melewatinya dengan mengisi dan mengosongkan, dalam urutan yang teratur, satu atau lebih ruang internal dengan kapasitas yang diketahui. Menghitung waktu setiap ruang diisi dan dikosongkan memberikan volume gas yang dikirim.


Design features :
Temperature Compensation Element –
a design with increased strength to minimize deflection from valve drag,
the TCelement is more rugged and linear in movement, thus, more accurate in compensation.
Crank Bracket –
a simplified multipurpose design incorporating internal valve guides and index shaft support.
Fine tolerance, attained through precision molding, provides accurate positioning of the crank support.
Low friction polymer eliminates the need for lubrication.
Valve Seat –
close tolerances achieved through molded phenolic construction minimize
seat wear while providing a much smoother operation with a significantly lower differential.
Incorporates easily installed external valve guides.
Valve Cover and Links –
precision parts of engineered plastic materials reduce friction and are inert
to chemicals and condensates commonly found in gas lines.
Simple snap-on design with common left and right link reduces your parts inventory.
This design reduces the job of valve replacement.
Index Drive Shaft –
molded “dog” locks to brass index shaft eliminating “slop” often encountered in proving.
Gaskets –
are made of tough, resilient cork and neoprene composition and the linear amount of gasket
is an absolute minimum due to “single-joint” design. This significantly reduces the chance of leakage.
Synthetic Rubber Glands –
in the cover stuffing box and in the valve plate to seal the flag rods assure positive
pressure sealing at these critical points.
The gland design produces pressure integrity with a minimum amount of drag.
One Piece Flag Rod –
closely controlled dimensions improve parallelism of all vertical segments.
Greater distance between bearing points has been designed to provide lateral stability.
Easy to position and install.
Molded Port & Pan –with Integral Diaphragm Stabilizers –
one piece construction of glass fiber reinforced material,
increases strength and eliminates a potential leak point.
Integral stabilizers provide positive positioning of the diaphragm assembly.
Temperature Compensation
All Sensus residential gas meters can be equipped with a bi-metallic element that will automatically correct for changes in gas temperature and convert line volumes
to the common base temperature of 60° F. The fundamental difference in a temperaturecompensated meter is the tangent. It features twin bi-metallic elements as the active or compensating members. The tangent is mounted in such a way that temperature variations, causing expansion or contraction of the bi-metallic element, alter the volume of gas displaced per revolution of the meter. This automatically causes the meter to speed up or slow down as required and does not affect valve timing.
The Sensus TC element ensures stable meter operation and accurate correction for gas temperature variations. A temperature compensated meter can be outwardly identified by a difference in the manufacturer’s badge


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