Jual Rotary Gas Meter Vemmtec Omega VI

Deskripsi Rotary Gas Meter Vemmtec Omega VI

• Compact one side closed construction, therefore light weight, high torsion rigidity and little danger for interlocking of rotors and housing
• Light weights design by using aluminium or ductile iron housing or components
• Square rotor design for short meter body, easy mounting and large cyclic volume (reduced rotor speed and low noise)
• Low speed magnetic coupling (low wear)
• All four mounting directions are possible without a second counter (specify flow direction in your order)
• Flow range up to 1 : 200
• Optimized inlet and outlet design to reduce pressure loss
• Dirt groove to reduce dust and particle sensitivity

Integrated thermo-wells for temperature or combined pressure/temperature measurement with a volume converter are optionally available. 


The OMEGA VI rotary gas meter of vemm tec Messtechnik GmbH is a positive displacement meter for volume and flow rate measurement. 
It is suited for measuring clean, dry, non-corrosive gases like natural gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen, and others. The meter is used for highly accurate gas measurement where a large rangeability is required.
The meter measures the quantity of a flowing gas at actual gas pressure and actual gas temperature, i. e. at flowing conditions. 
The metering principle of OMEGA VI is displacement of the metering chamber content by two special shaped rotors. The rotation of the rotors is transferred to a mechanical counter and accumulated as volume at measurement conditions. In addition, electronic pulses are generated for registration and/or for volume conversion to base conditions with an electronic conversion device.
OMEGA VI is designed to deal with over-ranging of 20% of Qmax, this over-ranging must occur slowly and without pulsations.





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