Gas meter Elster BK G4

Gas meter Elster BK G4

Residential diaphragm gas meters G1.6/ G2.5/ G4


Media     : Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane, air*
Industry  : Gas supply
Tasks     : Gas measurement at operating conditions **

Main features

Approved to EN 1359 by German DVGW

• Flow rates from
  G1.6 : 0.016 m³/h to 2.5m³ /h
  G2.5 : 0.025 m³/h to 4 m³/h
  G4 : 0.04 m³/h to m³/h

• Cyclic Volume 1.2 liters

• Min. reading:0.2 m³
• Max. reading:99999.99 m³

• The Max. permissible errors:
  G1.6/ G2.5/ G4
  Qmin≤Q<0.1Qmax ±3%
  0.1Qmax≤q<Qmax ±1.5%
  G1.6T/ G2.5T/ G4T
  Qmin≤Q<0.1Qmax ±3%
  0.1Qmax≤q<Qmax ±2%

• Max. working pressure:

  QK4000(G1.6/ G2.5/ G4): 150KPA
  QK4000(G1.6T/ G2.5T/ G4T):150KPA



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