Jual Water Meter Stainless Steel 316L


Mechanical Stainless Steel Flow Meter for liquid are made from stainless steel 316L ,
Multi jet and woltman type available with various size. 
Remote reading transmission system capable as unit are equipped with built in sensor ( optional ).


-Food Processing


- Multi Jet Horizantal DN 15 – DN 40 mm
- Woltman Type DN 50 - 300 mm
- Easy Maintenance
- Magnetic Drive reliable characteristic, long working life.
- Vaccum Sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and frost, 
  keep the reading clear in a long time service.
- Water pressure < = 1.0 Mpa or 1.6 Mpa
- Working Temperature 0.1 -50°C For Cold Water and 0.1-90°C For hot water.
- Protection grade IP 68
- Iso 9001 & Iso 4064


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