Jual Flowmeter OVAL 3 inch Tipe LB282-152-B117-000


Flowmeter OVAL 3 inch Tipe LB282-152-B117-000

High accuracy positive displacement flowmeter for wide range of fluids including water, petroleum, solvent. The mechanical counter allows checking of total flowrates in the field. Output furnished flowmeter is also available optionally

Oval Flow meter
Model                                           : LB282-152-B117-000 ( RESET COUNTER AND ADJUSTER )
Size                                               : 3 inch ( 80mm)
Accuracy Adjustable And Mounting Adapter : Fixed type adjustable AG1 or AG2 provided
Housing Material                       : FC 25 ( Cast Iron)
Pressure Rating                          : B1 Nominal Pressure 10K ( JIS10K; ANSI 150)
Bearings                                      : Carbon Plain bearings
Transmission system                : Magnetic Coupling
Unfactored Pulse Generation : Pulse Generator is not required
Accuracy                                      : Within ± 0.5% or within ± 2%
Operating Temperature           : -5 ~ + 120º C
Application Liquids                    : Liquid service Flowmeter
Flow Rate ( Min.)                        : 0.6m³/h
Flow Rate ( Max.)                       : 40m³/h


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