Jual Flow Meter Super Rite FM1

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Deskripsi Flow Meter Super Rite FM1

Diesel Flow meter is to measure the exact quantity of the dispensed liquid. Normally used with oil pump. These flow meter are reliable, inexpensive, easy to install and simple to calibrate on the  workplace, and flexible flow ports can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

4 digit  counter and 8 digit total counter

* Reliable
* series 800c
* Accurate reading
* Readout: 8 digit(total)
* Suitable for gravity feed or pump application
* Aluminium metering chamber
* Mechanical readout device with rotating wheels
* Subtotal can be set to zero

Super-Rite FM1
Max. Working Pressure: 3.5 Bar/ 50 Psi
Flow Rate : 20-120 L/min
Precision : +- 1 %
Inlet & Outlet : 1 ” NPT


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