Nitto seiko flowmeter

Fuel Flow meter adalah suatu alat ukur yang di gunakan untuk mengukur laju bahan bakar minyak serta volume  pada jaringan perpipaan untuk melayani pemakai baik perorangan ataupun perusahaan dengan memperhatikan aspek teknis dan non teknis , sehingga masyarakat atau perusahaan dapat dengan mudah memperoleh bahan bakar minyak dalam jumlah tertentu, kualitas dan quantity sesuai dengan persyaratan bahan bakar minyak sesuai dengan kebutuhannya.


“High Performance” and “High Liability” are guaranteed for NITTO SEIKO’s wide-ranged line of products from flow meters to precision machine equipment to meet the needs from various industries.

Since 1949 when NITTO SEIKO started the manufacture and sales of water meters, it has fully availed itself of the accumulated precision processing technologies and supplied to industries various types of flow meters and many kinds of fluid measuring equipment. The brand “NITTO” has thus established a steady position in the instrument industry.

NITTO SEIKO now covers wide-ranged product models to meet every specification of every industry. The electronics technology which shows a remarkable progress in recent years has enabled the sophistication and systematization of fluid measuring equipment as well as surrounding equipment. NITTO SEIKO has been positively introducing such electronics technology to develop numerous unique products.

The lines of NITTO SEIKO’s products are increasingly expanding, including not only the automated fluid measuring equipment but also the information processing equipments as POS system for automated LP gas station, computer for production report and further the inspection apparatus represented by MISTOL. NITTO SEIKO will make its best effort to promote R&D for the equipment and systems which can elaborately meet the needs from various fields.

Nitto Flow meter Type 
Types A, Z, C, H

This flow meter for small flow measurement is characterized in its structural simpleness. Material can be selected from various options. The pressure loss is extremely small and even high viscous liquid can be measured with ease. This small size rotary flow meter is now used for the measurement and control of liquid in every industry

General Specifications :
Figures in parenthesis are for special specification.
Measured liquid: Cold and hot water, Petroleum, Chemical liquids, Food liquids, etc.
Size: 20A, 25A
Liquid viscosity: 0.5~3,000mPa·s (0.2~30,000mPa·s)
Liquid temp : Normal temp.~80℃ (-20~200 ℃)
Liquid pressure: 1.0MPa or less (2.0MPa or less)
Accuracy: Within ±0.5%
Material: FC200/CAC406, FC200/FC200, FC200/SCS14, SCS14/SCS14

Nitto seiko flowmeter
Nitto seiko flowmeter

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